Bray Wyatt Returns At WWE Live Event, Columbus

Bray Wyatt hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since August when he and his partner Matt Hardy dropped the Raw Tag Team Championships and it was revealed that Hardy was struggling with an injury.

The former WWE Champion has since been waiting for creative to come up with a plan for him over the past few months, something that looked to be in the pipeline when he returned at Starrcade and defeated Baron Corbin, but then he failed to appear on the episode of Raw that followed.

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Wyatt’s return has been eagerly anticipated over the past few weeks, but whilst his return to TV still seems quite far away, he did finally make an appearance at last night’s WWE Live Event in Columbus, Ohio where he once again defeated Baron Corbin but this time in a No DQ match.

Fans who were in attendance shared images and videos of his return and it has been noted that he looks to be in fantastic shape, which shows that he has been spending the time waiting for a return working out and making sure he is at the top of his game.

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Now that Corbin isn’t the General Manager Elect of Monday Night Raw, it’s possible that Wyatt could return and step into a feud with him, since Corbin now has no feud moving forward after being defeated by Seth Rollins on Christmas Eve.

Royal Rumble is mere weeks away and with all the new names that will be added to the roster in the coming weeks, Wyatt needs to make his return now otherwise he could be lost amongst the shuffle when it comes to making room for all the new faces on Raw as part of The Road To WrestleMania.