WWE SmackDown: Bray Wyatt Unveils New Universal Championship Design, Mustafa Ali and Shorty G Retain Their Place On Team SmackDown For Survivor Series

Image via Twitter

This week on Friday Night SmackDown, King Corbin proclaimed that he was the captain of Team SmackDown at Survivor Series and there was then a match set up between Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Roode, Shorty G and Mustafa Ali that would determine who would be added to the match at Survivor Series.

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Shorty G and Ali had already been announced for the match but if Ziggler and Roode were able to defeat the duo in a tag team match, then they would be added to Team SmackDown instead, which is something that Corbin was hoping would happen since the duo helped him overcome the threat of Roman Reigns last week.

Roman Reigns came out to help his teammates by spearing Corbin and leveling the playing field so that Shorty G and Ali could pick up the win and confirm their places in the match.

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The Firefly Fun House was a shock addition to SmackDown in the hopes that Bray Wyatt would explain The Fiend’s actions against Daniel Bryan last week as part of the show. This wasn’t the case since Wyatt instead unveiled the new Universal Championship.

Even though the red title belt made sense with his character since he dresses in red and wrestles under a red light, the Universal Champion tapped the belt with his magic wand and revealed that the belt is now blue so that it fits in on the blue brand.

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Even though this is a change that wasn’t needed, it’s one that WWE decided it needed to make so that it was clear that the Championship was now the property of SmackDown. Despite rumors that The Fiend would be unveiling a custom belt designed for his character, it appears that once again the title has just changed color and has otherwise remained the same as it was when it was on Monday Night Raw.