Bray Wyatt vs The Miz Officially Announced For WWE TLC 2019

It looks like, instead of getting a Firefly Funhouse segment during the WWE pay-per-view event TLC, we’re actually going to see Bray Wyatt step into the ring again.

According to a release from the WWE, the A-Lister, The Miz is indeed going to “come out to play” with the current WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt during TLC.

The Miz became a bit of a sideplayer during the feud between Bray Wyatt’s alter ego “The Fiend” and Daniel Bryan. The Miz was seen advising Bryan about facing the fiend and on the latest episode of SmackDown, this seems to have put him in Wyatt’s sights.

Wyatt challenged Miz to a match, which Miz didn’t seem inclined to do – until Wyatt brought Miz’s family into the mix. Now the two are set to clash during TLC.

Since Wyatt’s return as the dual-sided menacing host of the Firefly Funhouse and The Fiend, it has been the Fiend who has been stepping into the ring while Wyatt seems more inclined to stir the pot and make challenges. However, the WWE announcement – including the accompanying images imply that Wyatt himself will be facing the Miz.

The match was also announced during the latest episode of SmackDown and it seems like, from all indications, this will be a non-title match, though this could change.

Wyatt’s original opponent for TLC was to be Daniel Bryan, in a continuation of their feud that didn’t end on Survivor Series. However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is saying that the WWE now wants the storyline between Bryan and Wyatt to go a little longer. Hence, the side feud between the Miz and Wyatt.