Bray Wyatt Wants Erick Rowan To ‘Come Home’, SmackDown Live Remains Top Show On Cable For 5 Weeks In a Row

Image via WWE

Bray Wyatt is on fire recently after his new character ‘The Fiend’ has awed the audiences worldwide. Wyatt is looking to bring back his former cult, and possibly increase his stronghold in WWE.

Bray Wyatt’s former protege Erick Rowan is currently in midst of a major storyline on SmackDown Live. Rowan was revealed as Roman Reigns‘ attacker last week, and he finally snapped this week. Rowan attacked Reigns as well as Daniel Bryan in the main event segment of SmackDown Live this week.

After his actions on SSmackDown, Rowan tweeted that he is a free man now and ‘no strings can hold him down’. Rowan is currently slated to face Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions.

Bray Wyatt replied to Rowan’s tweet and said that he wants his former Wyatt Family member ‘to come home’, hinting at a possible reunion. Rowan has also ditched Daniel Bryan and could be working for a different leader now.

The Fiend being revealed as Roman’s real attacker would be a fantastic move, but it’s quite unlikely at this stage.

Rowan and Roman’s storylines are helping SmackDown Live’s ratings as well. The show stood first in 18-45 segment for the fifth week in a row, which is quite promising for the blue brand before its move to FOX.

SmackDown Live had a viewership of 2.13 million this week, up from 2.08 last week. The rise in ratings without any pre-advertised ‘big’ segment is a promising sign for the company. SmackDown was ranked #1 in the 18-45 segment, and the #7 for the night overall.

In contrast, RAW averaged 2.507 million viewers this week, down from 2.528 million from last week. RAW ratings will take a massive hit once it starts going head-to-head with Monday Night Football once again.

SmackDown’s move to FOX will surely increase the focus on its ratings, as FOX is notorious for canceling shows with low ratings. Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Arrested Development are quite popular shows which took the fall on FOX broadcast. Hopefully, SmackDown doesn’t go down the same path.