Bray Wyatt Wants To ‘Heal’ Matt Hardy

The current Universal Champion Bray Wyatt shares a special relationship with Matt Hardy after the duo had a lengthy feud followed by a run in the tag-team division. The duo faced off in the Ultimate Deletion matchup, which saw Wyatt being thrown into the Lake of Reincarnation.

Wyatt’s character changed after Hardy ‘healed’ him, and now the Eater of Worlds wants to repay the favor by doing the same for the former Tag Team Champion. Matt Hardy recently posted a video in which Hardy used Wyatt’s current tag-line and said he was stuck in limbo.

Hardy returned to WWE television last month but hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. WWE has mostly used him in a role to put over other superstars, but Hardy clearly wants to target bigger things.

The Universal Champion noticed his former friend’s plight and responded today with a tweet of his own. Wyatt said that he would never harm his friend.

Wyatt teased a partnership with Hardy once again, and the duo joining forces on SmackDown could provide a new direction to Wyatt’s current character. Wyatt could also have a feud with Hardy, who is supposedly on his way out post-WrestleMania.

Matt Hardy was recently rumored to join All Elite Wrestling and be presented as the mysterious leader of the creepy Dark Order faction. Hardy’s three year deal with WWE will end around WrestleMania, and hence, a partnership or a rivalry with Bray Wyatt looks unlikely at this point.