Bray Wyatt Wasn’t The Only One Who Escaped The Firefly Fun House

Firefly Fun House episodes came to an end last week

Bray Wyatt
Image via Sportskeeda

The Firefly Fun House episodes came to an end last week when it was shown that Bray Wyatt had left and the former WWE Champion was then available to be part of matches on Monday Night Raw.

Wyatt was backstage both last week on Raw and at Stomping Grounds but wasn’t used by the company as they still ponder the best way for Wyatt to make his re-debut on a live episode of Raw.

It became known that The Firefly Fun House had come to an end because Bray Wyatt left the house last week, but it appears that he wasn’t alone. Even though Wyatt didn’t actually appear on last night’s episode of Raw, a number of his co-stars from the Fun House were clearly noticeable throughout the episode.

When The Miz was making his way to the ring to present Miz TV with R-Truth and Carmella, Abby The Witch was clearly noticeable behind The Miz as she watched him walk down the corridor backstage seemingly spying on where he was going.

Mercy The Buzzard was also spotted since he was with Kofi Kingston backstage while he was preparing for his match against Sami Zayn before he was then attacked by Kevin Owens and choked out by Samoa Joe.

It is unknown what this means, but one thing for sure is that if all of the animals have escaped the Fun House then they could come in handy for Bray Wyatt or even be the ones that track down a superstar for him to feud with.

Maybe Wyatt doesn’t actually need to wrestle, instead, most of his character work can come from backstage segments which include all of the characters from the Fun House and then when he has to wrestle it can be as part of Final Deletion style matches that can set the scene properly.