Bret Hart: No One Wanted To Bump For Me During Early Days In WWE

Image via WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart made an appearance at Starrcast II this weekend and spoke a bit about his WWE career, including getting tackled during the Hall of Fame ceremony earlier this year.

According to Hart, he struggled during his early days in the company because he was “unknown” and didn’t get matches that could help build him up.

“I was not worth getting into a big sweat over, no one wanted to bump for me, or fly for me, make me look good or anything like that,” recalls Hart.

“It was very hard to convince anyone that I was any good when nobody would help me. Wrestling is a lot more like figure skating, you need somebody to help you, especially if you good guy, you need the bad guy to do stuff to ya to get sympathy and allow you to get the comeback and let you shine, but I wasn’t in the category at that time,” he added.

With regards to getting tackled during the Hall of Fame ceremony while he was giving a speech about Jim Neidhart, he joked that it might have been a bad day for him but it was more of one for the tackler who got carted out and beat on by several wrestlers in attendance.

Hart also appeared at AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view last night, to present the AEW World Championship belt.