Bret Hart Reflects On WrestleMania IX, The First Lies WWE Told Him

Image via WWE

WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend Bret “The Hitman” Hart has had a contentious relationship with WWE in the past. Much of it has to be with dissatisfaction with the storylines he was given.

The most famous incident of Hart not wanting to “do the job” that the WWE wanted him to do has got to be the Montreal Screwjob, but, in a recent guest appearance on the podcast Prime Time With Sean Mooney, he talked about another storyline that didn’t go as planned.

According to Hart, Vince McMahon lied to him about his first title reign. Hart was the WWE Champion going into WrestleMania IX, where he lost to Yokozuna. WrestleMania IX was the first time that Hart was part of a WrestleMania main event.

“I actually have really good memories of being here for WrestleMania IX. I was a little disappointed with the plans they had for me in the future,” Hart said.

“It was my understanding, as Vince had said to me from the day I won the title, he said, ‘You don’t have to worry about anything. We’re looking at you as a long-term champion. You’re going to be champion here for a long time. We’re thinking 6, maybe 7 years,’” he added.

Hart also had issues with what happened later that same night when Yokozuna dropped the title he won from Hart in an impromptu match against Hulk Hogan. According to Hart, he had been told that Hogan would “have no bearing on anything that I was doing”.

“Those were the first lies that they told me,” said Hart about the events leading up to WrestleMania IX. “In the end, it was like, they lied to me. They gave me no warning for that at all.”