Bret Hart Reveals He and The British Bulldog Once Knocked Out Six People During a Brawl

Bret Hart’s Confessions of The Hitman revealed several interesting stories. One of the stories he talked about in this series was a roadside brawl with six people. Hart revealed that he was driving with Davey Boy Smith, Lou Thesz on the road when this fight happened.

“We were driving but before we got to Memorial Drive, at the light before that, six guys in a car, they just about hit us broadside and they swerved. They ran through a red light and came right at us, and we screeched on the brakes.”

“It was summertime, about 100º in Calgary, or 89 or 90º – it was a really hot night. And we pull up to the traffic light right on Memorial Drive and Edmonton Trail, and I remember I was just so tired and I had my arm out the window on my side. Davey had his arm out his window on the other side. Lou’s in the backseat, six-time world champion and one of the toughest guys there ever was in [pro] wrestling. He was about 80-something years old then.”

The Hitman then talked about how The British Bulldog and he teamed up and knocked all of the six people who were in the car.

After the fight, Lou kept apologizing to Hart and Smith because he couldn’t help them. But Bret reassured him that everything is fine and that he didn’t expect him to fight at the age of 80.

“And we pull up to the light and the guy over in the car driving looks over at Davey, and he says, ‘where did you learn to fcking drive?’ And then the guy who was on the passenger side in that guy’s car jumped out of the car and ran around, and Davey opened up his car door and he jumped out of the car.”

“Now Davey’s going toe to toe with the guy who had run around from the other side, so I slid over on my side of the car. And the doors were kind of–the way the doors opened, I was sort of boxed in. And there are five other guys in the car. They were so drunk they didn’t even know we stopped. They didn’t even know what happened. And so, at this traffic light in about 20 or 30 seconds, we knocked out all six of these guys.”