Bret Hart Says WWE Shouldn’t Have Inducted Goldberg Into Hall Of Fame

The Myth ended The Hitman’s career two decades ago

Image via WWE

Bret Hart is among the four pro wrestling legends to have been inducted into the prestigious WWE Hall Of Fame not once but twice. With an illustrious career that boasts of nearly every accomplishment in the sport, Hart is one of the very few old-school wrestlers to have achieved superstardom across multiple promotions.

During a recent interview with Prime Time With Sean Money, The Hitman bashed his colleague Bill Goldberg for being so reckless in the ring and declared that the bald-headed human bulldozer doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame.

“I wish that Bill Goldberg had never kicked me in the head as hard as he could. I don’t know how you give a guy a Hall of Fame thing for hurting as many wrestlers as Bill Goldberg hurt, and without consequence. He usually got a pat on the back and told how good of job he did out there, when you’re scraping the wrestler that worked with him off the mat.”

Goldberg was inducted as the headliner of the WWE Hall of Fame Class Of 2018.

The Myth has been described as a rash performer and unsafe opponent by old and young wrestlers alike. The most recent example dates back to WWE Super ShowDown 2019 where Goldberg concussed himself and almost ended up injuring The Undertaker!

“When Bill Goldberg kicked me in the head, I honest to God, I lost about 16 million dollars in like one second. I just signed with WCW for three million a year for another three years on top of the two years I had left on my original contract, so it was bad timing, and unfortunate.”

In the main event of Starrcade ‘99, former WCW Tag Team Champions Hart and Goldberg clashed in a mega-money bout that was supposed to be a moment for the two prime-time wrestlers to shine. Instead, the match ended with a mishap as Goldberg’s ruthless, botched kick gave Hart a serious concussion that ultimately caused The Hitman to retire from the ring a year later.