Bret Hart Talks About Drug Addiction in WWE, Praises Shawn Michaels for Getting Over It

WWE legend Bret Hart talked to Fightful about substance abuse in the company. He discussed addiction to these drugs and even complimented his former real-life enemy, Shawn Michaels, for getting over it. 

“Davey had his issues and his drug problems. It’s hard to say whether he would have overcome those. I think Davey, if you know anything about that kind of drug addiction, people can’t control it. Some people have an ability to overcome it and there’s a lot of guys, like Test is a good example. You go to rehab and you got it under control and a week later you’re back on. You don’t have the control to stop yourself from getting back on that cycle of drugs again.

“There’s a lot of guys that have the ability to get off and it’s a credit to Shawn Michaels, really, that he survived, that he’s alive today. He was one of the guys, and he’d probably be the first one to tell you, I’m sure he has, that he had a really bad problem. There’s a few wrestlers from those days that had serious drug problems that overcame them and are alive today that and are living prosperous and happy lives. It just shows you that if nothing is impossible, maybe, it would be nice to think that Davey would have been like one of them. But, unfortunately, he’s not with us.”

Back in the days, most of the wrestlers were struggling with substance abuse. WWE didn’t have a strict wellness policy before and wrestlers used to consume drugs openly.

Even Vince McMahon was accused of distributing drugs to his wrestlers and was taken to court for this. 

Now, WWE has a zero-tolerance wellness policy and if any wrestler fails the test, he or she is immediately suspended for 30 days. But, in the past, many people has lost their lives directly or indirectly due to consuming these substances.