Brian Cage Considering a Split From His Manager Taz

During AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen event, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley retained the title after the manager of his opponent threw in the towel.

Moxley defended against Brian Cage, who is managed by Taz and has a surgically repaired bicep. Moxley targeted that bicep during the match and Taz decided that it was too much for his client and threw in a towel, ending the match.

Taz defended his decision on behalf of his client on Twitter, stating that he knew that there were many people who did not understand his actions.

“But to those of you who are mad about it, understand this,” wrote Taz. “I would do the exact same thing in that same situation again.”

Whether that makes Taz a good manager or not, unfortunately, one of those who are very unhappy with him happens to be his client.

In a Tweet of his own, Cage addressed the issue stating that he didn’t think that Taz should have thrown in the towel for him.

“I’ve considered relieving him of his duties, and wanted to immediately after the match,” wrote Cage. “I’ll wait and see how I feel after the weekend.”

“Regardless, I never tapped. I wasn’t going to tap,” continued Cage defiantly. “I only need one arm to drop Mox on his head.”

Cage goes on to state that he still considers himself unbeaten in AEW, even if “technically” he can no longer be called undefeated.

“And more importantly, the answer to the question ‘Who betta than Cage?’ is still NOBODY,” wrote Cage.

Whether the uncertain finish during Fight for the Fallen means that Cage is still going to continue to pursue Moxley and the championship or if he’s heading for another program – maybe against Darby Allin who returned and interfered in the post-match beatdown by Cage on Moxley has yet to be seen.