Brian Pillman Jr. Relinquishes OVW Championship As He is “Busy” With AEW

Brian Pillman Jr. has vacated his OVW Heavyweight Championship reportedly due to his growing commitment to AEW.

According to a press release sent out by OVW on January 2, Pillman Jr. vacated the title “effectively immediately”.

“Because of his growing relationship with AEW his obligations have grown to a point where he cannot maintain the responsibilities attached to the OVW Heavyweight Championship,” reads the release.

The release goes on to say that OVW is sad to see Pillman Jr. go, but they are happy for his continued success with AEW.

Pillman Jr. is not signed to AEW and is actually still signed with MLW. He has, however, been working extensively with AEW both as a singles competitor and as part of the tag team “Varsity Blondes” with Griff Garrison.

Pillman Jr. has appeared mostly on AEW Dark, though he debuted with Garrison on AEW Dynamite in August last year.

With his increasing presence on AEW television and this announcement from OVW, rumors that Pillman Jr. might be signing with AEW permanently are being given credence.

Pillman Jr. also recently lost the MLW Middleweight Championship during his most recent match for that promotion which was in November 2020.