Brie Bella Comments On Injury To Liv Morgan On Raw

Brie Bella
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Many of the WWE Universe have aimed a lot of negativity towards Brie Bella since this week’s episode of Raw, where Brie kicked Liv Morgan in the head twice during her usual Yes Kick spot before then attempting to pick Morgan up when she was obviously out cold.

Brie seemingly kicked too high and got Liv in the face with one of her kicks before another then got her in the head and she fell down onto the mat. Brie then tried to pin Liv, who didn’t actually kick out, it was Bella who was forced to make it look like she kicked out since she was knocked out at the time.

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Brie hasn’t had a great run over the past few weeks after she’s been part of a number of botches, but this is the first time that a botch has injured another superstar.

Liv Morgan is a product of WWE’s Performance Center and has worked her way up through the ranks over the past few years, which is why many fans feel that a botch at this level is unacceptable.

Brie felt the need to address the botch following Raw last night and tweeted out the following where she made it clear that it was never her intention to injure her opponent but her thoughts are with Liv Morgan.

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Brie and Nikki Bella only returned to WWE back at SummerSlam but it appears that many of the WWE Universe have aimed a lot of abuse at Brie over the past few weeks since the former Divas Champion has found it hard to re-adjust to the ring after more than two years on the sidelines.