Britt Baker Shares Video of NXT Star Adam Cole Taking Pinfall “Loss” to Brodie Lee Jr.

Since the tragic passing of Brodie Lee, sympathy and support for his family has been pouring out from all over the wrestling industry.

Much of that support has been aimed at easing the grief of Lee’s 8-year old son, Brodie Lee Jr. who has already been awarded the AEW TNT Title that his father held, and AEW has declared that it is his “for life”.

AEW has also already signed the younger Lee, guaranteeing him a place in the company, should he grow up and want to follow his father’s footsteps in the wrestling business. Brodie Jr. is already being referred to as Negative One (-1) of the faction his father led, the Dark Order.

Another tribute to Lee was recently released by AEW’s Dr. Britt Baker. The video features NXT superstar and member of the Undisputed Era Adam Cole and Brodie Jr.

Baker, who is engaged to Cole, posted a video showing the former NXT Champion taking a pin from Brodie Jr. after the youngster hit his dad’s clothesline move on Cole.

The video, which Baker Tweeted out, seems to have been taken during a New Year’s Eve party that was held with several other wrestlers in attendance.