Brock Lesnar Becomes The Latest Name Called Out in The #SpeakingOut Movement

Twitter has seemingly started a new trend over the past few days with men and women from all over the wrestling industry uniting and sharing their stories of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse within the business.

In recent days, the likes of Matt Riddle, Austin Theory, David Starr, and many other NXT UK and AEW wrestlers have been named by victims. The companies have then been seen acting on these allegations by firing and suspending their stars.

Most recently and perhaps most shockingly was Brock Lesnar, who was named as part of a story by former WWE star Terri Runnels.

The former star recalled a time that The Beast Incarnate exposed himself to her and she found it disrespectful.

“Brock did something that if it was in today’s day and time…You know. He showed his penis to me and called my name as I was walking past where he was in the dressing room and opened his towel so I could see his manly bits.”

“I would have much rather him not be so disrespectful of a female that’s been in this business for as long as I have been. He knew he was gonna have a lot of power, that they were gonna give him the strap but at that point, I’d been in this business a long time. I have respect and what he did was very very wrong. From a respect standpoint, from a sexual harassment standpoint, it was wrong.”

Runnels shared this story as part of a recent interview with KEE On Sports. Given the recent trend online, this story was perhaps shared at the perfect time since many other victims are finding the courage to share.

Runnels has obviously kept this to herself for a long time and now has finally been able to unburden herself.