Why Was Brock Lesnar Not On RAW?

The night after a big PPV, the Road To WrestleMania and the fact that we all thought he was going to be there made Brock Lesnar’s absence on RAW this Monday very noticeable. Roman Reigns called attention to this with a pretty fun shoot style promo.

Fans have been speculating like made as to why Lesnar “no showed” RAW. Over at F4Wonline.com Dave Meltzer has said that the reasons are not 100 percent clear as to why Brock was not on RAW. However, he feels that the WWE is trying their best to make sure that Roman Reigns is the one who gets cheered and not Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. The WWE told Brock and Hayman to not come to RAW.

Of course, there was a photo of Brock and Dana White on Sunday that led to all kinds of speculation that he will be returning to the UFC! It certainly makes for a lot of interesting conspiracy theories.

However, trying to make sure Brock Lesnar is the heel and Roman Reigns is the babyface who is there for the fans is the most likely reason for all of this.