Brock Lesnar Resurfaces Sporting an Interesting New Look

Brock Lesnar was last seen at WrestleMania back in April when he lost his WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre. Since then, The Beast has opted to remain away from the spotlight throughout the pandemic and have some downtime with his family.

During his time away from WWE, the former Champion’s WWE contract expired, and he is now no longer seen as an active member of their roster.

There are reports that Lesnar could return for WrestleMania next year since the former WWE Champion still has some unfinished business with the current Champion Drew McIntyre, but at present, The Beast has decided to remain off the radar and as far away from WWE as possible.

During his time away, it appears that the former Champion has decided to try out a new look. Reddit User Castejack recently shared the following image with Lesnar, which shows that he has grown out his beard.

Brock Lesnar’s WWE future remains unclear after his contract expired especially since Paul Heyman now works alongside Roman Reigns.

That being said, it appears that Lesnar is self-isolating and social distancing himself while enjoying his downtime at home on his farm in Canada where it’s reported that he enjoys both hunting and fishing.