Brock Lesnar Retains WWE Championship Against Cain Velasquez, R-Truth Regains 24/7 Title At Crown Jewel

The Beast has finally avenged his UFC loss in WWE

Image via WWE

Brock Lesnar Retains WWE Championship Against Cain Velasquez

Brock Lesnar has officially defeated debutant Cain Velasquez in a highly personal WWE Championship match at WWE Crown Jewel.

Cain floored Lesnar with a devastating kick, but The Beast quickly managed to lock his opponent in the deadly Kimura Lock. Velasquez had no other option but to tap out.

Post-match, Rey Mysterio hit Brock with a chair to get him off of Cain. The WWE Champion tossed Mr. 619 over the ropes and used the chair to beatdown Velasquez. Lesnar then planted Velasquez with an F5 on the steel chair.

Mysterio was able to make the rescue by making his way back to the ring and smashing Lesnar with a chair till the champ retreated.

The Beast has now tied the score with the very man who beat him for the UFC Heavyweight Championship in 2010.

R-Truth Regains WWE 24/7 Title At Crown Jewel

Sunil Singh won the WWE 24/7 Championship from R-Truth last week on Monday Night RAW and was able to guard it pretty well but only for so long.

On the Crown Jewel pre-show, Sunil competed against 19 other Superstars in a high-stakes battle royal match to determine the #1 Contender for AJ Styles’ United States Championship. After getting eliminated, Samir was helping his brother leave the arena just when R-Truth snuck up from behind and rolled Sunil up for a quick three-count on the ramp!

This title victory officially marks the beginning of R-Truth’s record 21st reign as WWE 24/7 Champion.

Michael Cole had announced that the 24/7 rules would be suspended throughout the length of the match, but Truth got the pinfall while the match was still going on. Perhaps, Sunil’s elimination had made him vulnerable to the rules that would have otherwise remained suspended had he still been part of the bout.

Humberto Carrillo eventually won the battle royal, thus earning himself a shot against The Phenomenal One’s gold.