Brock Lesnar Was To Originally Quit SmackDown On WWE Backstage Debut, Finn Balor’s New NXT Character Is a Mashup

Image via WWE

Reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Champion Brock Lesnar quit the blue brand this past week during Friday Night SmackDown. The Beast wasn’t allowed to get his hands on Rey Mysterio which led to his shock exit from The Blue Show.

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On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Brock and Paul Heyman were called in for SmackDown because everybody else was detained in Saudi Arabia. However, the original plan was to have both men make the announcement on the WWE Backstage debut on FS1.

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“The whole show was rearranged. Lesnar and Heyman were not scheduled for the show, but they were basically contacted because nobody else got out.”

The WWE Title is now officially on Monday Night RAW and Suplex City is back on the red brand.

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Meanwhile, inaugural WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor is brewing a very unique recipe for his new character in NXT. His recent heel turn did surprise many, but it’s all part of the bigger picture that’s still to come.

On State Of Combat podcast, Prince Balor revealed that his new NXT character is a mashup of each of his previous incarnations in the ring!

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“I’m going to draw the 19-year career in the ring that I have had. We are going to get elements of Fergal Devitt on the indies in the United Kingdom. We’re going to get elements of Prince Devitt the babyface from New Japan. We’re going to get elements of Prince Devitt the babyface in Mexico.”

As exciting as it sounds, this makes room for the former NXT Champion to play both babyface and heel roles simultaneously without having to turn every now and then, just like how things work in real life.

“We’re going to get elements of the leader of The Bullet Club from New Japan. We’re going to get elements of The Demon’s debut from NXT. We’re going to get elements of the guy who beat Roman Reigns his first night on Raw. We’re going to get a combination of everything that you have ever seen associated with Fergal Devitt/Prince Devitt/Finn Balor/Demon King/Demon on Wednesday nights.”