Brock Lesnar Works 35-Second Match At Chicago Live Event And Fans Are Enraged

Saturday night was Brock Lesnar‘s second scheduled appearence for the week at a live event in Chicago. The Universal Champion actually showed up for once as Paul Heyman promised in his tweet. However, Lesnar defeated the ‘Big Red Machine’, Kane in a mere 35 seconds. This ofcourse left the audience unhappy as it was not at all worth their money. There is another set of fans who is unhappy because of how a legend and a future hall of famer like Kane was made to work like a jobber in this match.

A lot of WWE fans were already unhappy because of Brock Lesnar’s limited work schedule. Lesnar was scheduled to show up on Monday Night Raw to confront Roman Reigns, who will challenge him for the Universal Championship title at Wrestlemania 34. However, neither Lesnar nor his advocate Paul Heyman showed up on Raw and Roman Reigns was the one who took advantage of their absence. Reigns cut the best ever promo of his career, running down Lesnar’s lack of respect and loyalty to the company and the WWE Universe.


Here is how the fans in Twitter responded to the 35-second match.

The whole situation, however, looks like a ploy to turn all the heat on Lesnar so that Reigns get all the cheers in New Orleans on April 8. We don’t know whether this plan will work and how the crowd will react at Wrestlemania 34, but it certainly looks like WWE is off to a solid start here.