Brock Lesnar’s Overall Win Percentage In WWE Is Quite Surprising

Brock Lesnar
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Brock Lesnar was only recently defeated for the Universal Championship after holding the title for more than a year, and before his Universal title reign, he was able to have the longest championship reign with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, before he was dethroned by Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31.

The Beast has been seen as one of the most dominant wrestlers in WWE ever since his return to the company back in 2012, but interestingly the statistics don’t tell the same story.

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According to a list made by ProFightDB, Brock Lesnar has had 233 matches in WWE and his win percentage overall is just 71.67%, which means that there are a number of superstars on the main roster right now who have a better win/loss percentage than the former Universal Champion.

Asuka is an obvious one since she maintained an undefeated record for more than a year before she was defeated by Charlotte back at WrestleMania 34, but other surprising names include Bayley, Mojo Rawley, Kairi Sane and Aleister Black.

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Bayley and Mojo Rawley haven’t been able to find their feet on the main roster over the past few months since they were promoted, which is why they are surprising additions to this list, even Goldberg gas a higher win percentage than Lesnar since he currently sits at 83%.

Considering the way Brock Lesnar has been built up by WWE over the past few years, this won’t be something that the company would put forward themselves, but it should definitely be a reason for Mojo Rawley to step forward and challenge The Beast to a match in the near future.

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Rawley has nothing better to do and it would be interesting to see the kind of crowd reaction that kind of statistic would influence.