Brodie Lee Explains How Cesaro Helped Him to Get Hired By WWE

Brodie Lee is now part of All Elite Wrestling after making his surprise debut back in March, but ahead of his promotion change he was known as Luke Harper in WWE.

Lee was the latest guest on AEW Unrestricted this week and the former AEW TNT Champion was able to talk all about his career with WWE.

While discussing his career, Lee revealed that he was hired by WWE on the same day that his son Brodie was born, which was a day he would never forget. He also revealed the small part that Cesaro played in making sure he was hired by the company.

“So about six months earlier, I had been in contact with somebody there and was getting ready to go down for one of their tryouts. I broke my leg, dislocated my patella, lost my shoot job, and then a week later, my wife told me that she was pregnant, unplanned. It was mine, so it was okay. The world was ending, but then six months after that, they called me again and said, ‘hey, are you healthy?’ And I said, ‘actually, yeah. Literally just got cleared.’ He said, ‘hey, can you come down January 1?’ So my son’s now scheduled to be born early January.”

“So I’m traveling to Tampa from Rochester to do this week long tryout. So my wife said, ‘no problem. Go ahead.’ So the baby did not come out. The week happened, and then January 17, we’re in the hospital having the baby. That’s when Johnny Ace (John Laurinaitis) called me. The phone breaks up. So I think, of course, I’ve ruined my entire opportunity at pro wrestling stardom.”

“I don’t have his number because it cut off. So I call Claudio (Cesaro), and I’m like, ‘oh my God, do you have Johnny Ace’s number?’ He goes, ‘yeah, here it is.’ Texted it to me. I call him. I said, ‘Johnny, I’m so sorry I missed your phone call.’ He goes, ‘oh, no problem. Do you want to work here?’ And I said, yeah got hired the day my son was born.”