Brodie Lee Vents Out His Frustrations About Former Boss Vince McMahon

Brodie Lee, formerly known as Luke Harper in WWE, made his much-anticipated debut in All Elite Wrestling last week. He was revealed to be The Exalted One of the creepy Dark Order and instantly made a huge statement in the company.

Lee was released from WWE a few months ago, after months of asking for a release. He couldn’t find enough screen-time in WWE during the latter part of his run, which eventually led to the company releasing him earlier this year.

Lee appeared on fellow AEW star Chris Jericho‘s podcast Talk Is Jericho, and revealed his frustrations about Vince McMahon in WWE. He talked about pitching several interesting ideas to McMahon, which were all turned down by the Chairman.

Lee revealed his intentions to have a serial killer-Esque gimmick in WWE, but he was never given enough chances to become a bigger deal.

“I pitched a whole bunch of different things or angles and ideas to change the character and [Vince] just wasn’t buying them. I wanted to be a collector of some sort. I’m very much into serial killers, so I wanted to collect something from each person I would beat. The problem became, I wasn’t beating anybody.”

Lee also revealed that he wanted to be a ‘smart’ monster and not a dumb big man. However, his ideas went unheard and never saw the light of the day.

“I also wanted to be a smart monster, an intelligent monster, where I could speak like I do in an intelligent way and break my opponents down in a way that I wasn’t doing in the Wyatt family. Having the same matches I was having and look the same, but also intelligent. Almost like Bruiser Brody. I don’t think he could see that way of talking.”

With the creative freedom he has in AEW, Lee is bound to reach his full potential and breach the glass ceilings, which he was unable to do for a long time in WWE.