Bully Ray Advises Heels To “Take Something Away” From The Babyfaces

Image via Twitter

During a recent episode of Busted Open, Bully Ray spoke about what he feels is the best way that heels can get real heat from fans.

According to Ray, heels need to zoom in on what it is that makes babyfaces connect with fans and make it a point to try and take it away from them.

“When you see a babyface that has something that resonates with the people, as a heel that’s what you want to zero in on and take away from them. Because now they will feel sympathy for them,” said Ray.

Ray tried to make his point by pointing to how a heel facing a current AEW tag team should go about getting heat. He also recounted an incident during his WWE run where he wanted to be truly heelish.

Ray said that a heel going up against AEW’s Young Bucks should “injure” them to a point that they can’t do their signature Superkicks.

“Some tag team needs to break both of the Young Bucks’ legs,” said Ray.

“If I’m a tag team wrestler, I want to take away their biggest strengths,” explains Ray. “I want to take away their Superkicks. And if I take away the Superkicks from The Young Bucks that means I can take the “Superkick Party” away from fans and that’s how you get heat.”

Ray also shared a story about how he tried to get heat during his time in WWE by proposing he “take away” The Rock’s voice.

“A long time ago, I pitched an idea to Vince McMahon about me and D-Von crushing The Rock’s throat, so The Rock couldn’t talk anymore,” Ray recalled.

“I wanted to take away the people’s voice from the people. Obviously it never happened, but Vince told me he really, really liked the idea,” said Ray.