Bully Ray Believes CM Punk Will Shock Brock Lesnar At Royal Rumble To Set Up WrestleMania 36 Main Event

Image via WWE

Brock Lesnar is officially entering the Men’s Royal Rumble match at #1 meaning the second entrant has to face the wrath of The Beast all by himself till others join the party.

It isn’t clear whether Lesnar will be defending the WWE Championship in the Royal Rumble bout. While most fans expect him to outlast all 29 other Superstars at the Minute Maid Park, we wonder whether WWE will even bother heading in that direction especially if the title isn’t on the line.

On Busted Open Radio, Hall Of Famer Bully Ray discussed the idea of CM Punk making his long-awaited grand in-ring return against Lesnar on January 27th. The Second City Saint is currently among the top favorites to win the Royal Rumble this year.

Brock is standing by himself…end of the match. He ran the gamut, everybody’s out. Who the hell is going to be #30? Punk‘s music hits, the place is absolutely going to go bat$#it crazy. What would the look on Paul Heyman‘s face be if CM Punk is coming to the ring against his Beast? Who else did Paul Heyman represent besides Brock Lesnar?”

“Now, he’s got the two guys..his two biggest successes in the WWE will now be standing face to face. Punk enters the ring. Punk and Brock Lesnar are face-to-face. That ‘Hard Camerá’ shot shows you them face-to-face splitting right in the middle is this look of horror. Paul Heyman looking like Kevin from Home Alone. Punk eliminates Brock and then challenges Brock for the championship.”

Ray’s suggestion is indeed fascinating and there’s a bank to be made from it. Not only would Punk receive what he always craved for (i.e to headline WrestleMania), but the WWE Universe would also get a regular, fighting champion if The Best In The World is able to dethrone The Beast in the main event of WrestleMania 36.