Cain Velasquez Is Yet To Sign With WWE, Reveals Advice He Received From CM Punk

Cain beat Brock to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship in 2010

Image via WWE

Cain Velasquez made headlines in the pro wrestling and MMA community by attacking newly crowned WWE Champion Brock Lesnar this past Friday during the gala SmackDown debut on FOX.

Velasquez’s appearance was unexpected and as he walked down the ramp accompanied by Rey Mysterio, little did anyone know that the former 2-time UFC Heavyweight Champion was doing so without having signed a legitimate WWE contract prior thereto!

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During a recent interview with ESPN, Cain revealed that he is yet to ink a deal with WWE, although reports suggest that WWE has already booked him for the upcoming Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Saudia Arabia.

”That’s correct, not officially … but hopefully. With tonight and doing what I did and kinda working with them … I would love to work with them. I would love it.”

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”I feel like fighting will always be there.  I feel like I have the skills. This at the time is just really fun for me. And who knows where I’ll go from here but I’m enjoying what I’m doing and that’s it for me.”

Per rumors, Velasquez could be challenging Lesnar for the WWE Title at Crown Jewel later this month.

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The 37-year-old UFC megastar further talked about the advice he’s received from ex-Superstar and fellow UFC colleague, CM Punk.

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CM Punk I talked to. Ronda I haven’t, I’ve talked to Travis [Browne] a little bit.”

As expected, the longest-reigning WWE Champion of The Modern Era dropped a piece of advice that strictly smells of “business”. Can’t blame Punk for that!

“‘We’re all working together as a company to better ourselves. Come to the end of the day, it’s business as well.’”

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It would be exciting to see whether Velasquez shows up to confront The Beast this week on The Blue Brand.

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The fact that Velasquez appeared on SmackDown without a proper deal just proves how great of a retirement ground WWE is for big UFC names.