Cain Velasquez On Daniel Cormier Potentially Signing With WWE, Decimating Shelton Benjamin On RAW

Cain Velasquez makes his WWE in-ring debut against WWE Champion Brock Lesnar this Thursday at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

The Beast was scheduled to fight Daniel Cormier for the UFC Heavyweight Championship this past summer; the big-money bout never took place as Brock went on to announce his retirement from UFC all of a sudden. While fans were left disheartened, DC had expressed his desire to come over to WWE to fight Lesnar.

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During a recent interview with Not Sam Wrestling, Velasquez discussed Cormier’s potential signing with WWE in the near future.

“He’ll get his time, he’ll get his time. He’s just a big fan and he loves this sport. I see him getting into it if he chooses and you know, later on down the road when he’s done with fighting. But, yeah he’s a big fan. Him, my wife kinda like put that little thought in my head of starting to do this and from then on it’s like Hell yeah this is what I want to do.”

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This past week on Monday Night RAW, Cain came to Mysterio’s aid just when heel Shelton Benjamin was about to get his hands on him. The 2-time UFC Heavyweight Champion laid waste to Benjamin, sending a message to Lesnar in the process.

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“It was great, a great learning experience. You know being with Rey and working out with Rey. You know he can definitely can take care of his own, but now it’s like he’s in a sling right now and Shelton Benjamin trying to take advantage of him, like that’s not cool, you know what I mean?”

“So to go out there and teach him a lesson was great. It’s all preparation for the task at hand and that’s beating Brock.”

On Friday Night SmackDown, Brock got the upper hand by ambushing Rey and Cain with a trash can and a couple of F-5s.