Candice Michelle Reveals “Highlight” Of Her Career

Image via WWE

Former WWE Women’s Champion and the second woman to hold the WWE 24/7 Championship, Candice Michelle, was a guest on Lillian Garcia’s podcast Chasing Glory recently.

Michelle spoke, among other things, of what she considered the biggest highlight of her WWE career.

“My biggest highlight was when I was in my storyline with Beth Phoenix. There was a point where it was going so good; it was when I really grasped the philosophy of a wrestling match,” said Michelle.

Michelle and Phoenix’s matches was so well received that, according to Michelle, WWE agents took notice and started working with them to put the feud over.

“Arn Anderson and Ricky Steamboat saw what Beth Phoenix and I were creating. They came to us; it was a house show overseas. They were the top agents and they left some of the top matches to come to work our match and really explain that concept to us and that is when it clicked to me,” said Michelle.

According to Michelle, she loved working as the underdog to Phoenix’s dominant “Glamazon” persona as she felt it really helped to have the crowd behind her and she learned to “feel” what the crowd wanted and give it to them.

“When the audience feels that you feel it and when you get to a point in the match where it wasn’t scripted. Beth and I were listening to what the audience wanted. How long is she going to hold me in that hold? When is that audience going to get behind me? That’s not a given. You don’t just go out and they love it, you work for all of it. That is when it becomes really special,” she recalls.