Candice Michelle Reveals That She Almost Had a Real-Life Fight With Melina

Candice Michelle won her first Women’s Championship from Melina at Vengeance back in 2007, but the two women rarely saw eye to eye.

There were several rumors regarding the backstage heat between the two women throughout their time in WWE.

As part of a recent interview with Winc’s Daily Podcast, Michelle revealed that the two women almost had a real-life fight in the middle of a match at a house show.

Michelle revealed that this fight stemmed from a back and forth on Twitter.

“When things start firing off on Twitter, things can get bad. That’s actually how my match with Melina happened. Legit. We hated each other. We were legit gonna go into a real fight at a house show. Twitter had just started, we said something to each other and then we had a match. It makes for great TV. Any time there’s any heat or drama, Vince is incredible at taking that kind of stuff and running with it.”

The former Women’s Champion also went on to reveal where the heat between the two women came from.

“She just hated the fact that she came up with the indie scene and to wrestling school, she busted her butt that way. And to her, I was this pretty girl from Hollywood who just got lucky and got a deal. For her to wrestle against me was almost a disgrace for her. And she made that very clear.”