Carmella On Her Rumored Relationship With John Cena, Update On WWE Ice Cream Bars, Jason Jordan’s Return

Image via WWE

Carmella On Her Rumored Relationship With John Cena

It’s been rumored for quite some time that Carmella previously dated John Cena in the past although nobody has been able to point out the exact timeframe of their alleged relationship.

On WWE “If It’s On The Internet”, The Princess Of Staten Island gunned down the rumors to reveal that she barely knows The Champ. The fact that both Superstars reside in Tampa provide people with ample ground to churn up such reports.

“That is so far from the truth. I barely know John Cena. Because we both live in Tampa, people thought that we were dating? Yea, that’s completely fabricated.”

Update On WWE Ice Cream Bars

It was recently announced that WWE ice cream bars are set to return this summer in the form of ice cream sandwiches as Good Humor has partnered up with the juggernaut promotion to re-launch the legendary frozen delight.

Good Humor WWE Superstars Cookie Sandwiches will be available for a suggested retail price of $3.00-5.29. The “vanilla frozen dairy dessert between two vanilla wafers” can be purchased from major retailers and ice cream trucks nationwide come April.

Jason Jordan To Undergo Another Surgery

In February 2018, Jason Jordan was written off television for suffering a career-threatening neck injury that immediately required surgery. It’s 2020 already but Jordan still hasn’t been able to make his way back to the ring.

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle revealed that his storyline son might need one more surgery to make himself physically ready for his in-ring return.

“He’s good. I do expect him to come back. He’s still waiting. He’s still having problems with his circulation and using his left hand. So, he’s gonna have to wait a little bit longer. He might need another surgery. That might be the reason why he’s not functioning properly. He got his strength and his size back up. He looks just like he did before.”

In September 2018, Jordan was hired as a producer by WWE.