Carmella Reveals Why She Decided To Change Her Image

Carmella has always been known as a blonde bombshell throughout her time in WWE and has become something of a style icon throughout her reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion, but many of the WWE Universe were shocked earlier this week when The Princess of Staten Island revealed her new image as part of a WWE live event.

Mella has decided to revert back to her natural hair color of brunette now that she is no longer in the Women’s Championship picture on SmackDown Live.

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Carmella has recently been part of a storyline with R-Truth, who she has been partnered with for the Mixed Match Challenge and it has also allowed her to showcase a new face attitude and try her hand at rapping.

The former NXT star obviously would have had to ask permission from WWE to make the image change, much like Eva Marie once had to when she opted to become a redhead but Carmella recently opened up about her reasons for the color switch as part of a backstage interview on SmackDown Live where she stated that she wanted a change.

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“I don’t know, I just wanted to change. I mean this is my natural hair color. I wanted to go back to my roots no pun intended. I just wanted to change.”

Carmella enjoys being the center of attention, which could be why she is enjoying the public attention that she has received over the past few days.

“Well it’s no surprise I mean everyone’s talking about it. But in all seriousness, it’s a change because people are used to the blonde hair and so far the reactions have been pretty good so I’ll take it.”

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The full interview with the former SmackDown Women’s Champion can be viewed below…