Cedric Alexander Feels The Need To Remind Fans That He Can Still Wrestle

Alexander was moved over to Monday Night Raw back in April

Cedric Alexander
Image via WWE

Cedric Alexander was moved over to Monday Night Raw as part of the Superstar Shakeup back in April but is yet to make any kind of impact on the brand. The former Cruiserweight Champion is seen as one of the company’s best-kept secrets, but like so many WWE stars at present, he is being overlooked because the Wild Card Rule means that superstars are being used on Raw and SmackDown and others are being forgotten.

Alexander did appear on Raw this week as part of a lengthy backstage story when he was locked in an elevator with R-Truth, EC3, Heath Slater, Drake Maverick and Carmella. There was no referee which meant that no one could take advantage and pin Truth for his Championship, but at least the stars were given some TV time.

The former Cruiserweight Champion didn’t have a lot to say as part of the segment and then attempted to pin Truth as soon as the doors opened. This has led to him coming out on Social Media and reminding the WWE Universe that he can still actually wrestle.

Buddy Murphy commented on the post to tell him to become a best-kept secret like he did but it appears that this is something that Alexander has already done. It’s shocking that someone of his calibre is being overlooked on WWE TV at present in order to push forward the new Wild Card Rule.

205 Live hasn’t been the same since Murphy and Alexander were taken off the show and moved to the main roster, but the main roster creative teams haven’t taken advantage of the fact that the two men have been added to their shows just yet and hopefully Alexander won’t face any kind of punishment for deciding to Tweet about his frustrations heading into Stomping Grounds.