Celebrity Inductee For 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame Announced

Each year a celebrity is inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame and the class of 2018 is no different. The celebrity inductee this year is Kid Rock.

Kid Rock is a lifelong WWE fan and even performed at the event during WrestleMania 25. His music has been used on WWE programming throughout the years from entrance music to PPV theme songs.

His American Badass entrance song was famously (who did, in fact, beat peoples asses so bad, he would make them famous) used for The Undertaker back in 2000. Which is rather interesting as during this time despite him being a huge wrestling fan and the WWE using the song on their programming. American Badass never appeared in any of the WWE video games of that era, instead of using Kid Rock’s American Badass, Undertaker would use the RAW Is War theme song.

As far as musical guests go, Kid Rock being in the WWE Hall Of Fame is a pretty good fit as his songs have been used to pretty good effect by the WWE over the years.