Chad Gable Reveals Why WWE Nixed His Shorty G Gimmick

This past week on SmackDown, Shorty G went 1-on-1 with Lars Sullivan in a losing effort. Following the match, the 2012 Olympian announced that he is done with his Shorty G gimmick and will revert to his previous character.

On After The Bell, Gable explained why WWE nixed his Shorty G persona.

The former American Alpha member had tremendous success with that gimmick last year when he reached the finals of the King Of The Ring tournament, and despite his willingness to give the character his all, there was one major flaw that was pronounced every time he appeared on television with people shorter than him.

“I just got the opportunity I asked for but it started going a little off the rails when I’m doing segments or backstage things where I’m in the ring with guys that I’m taller than, or we’re doing an interview backstage and I’m the tallest person in the interview. I’m like, ‘Something ain’t quite right here.’”

Gable further added that the way the Shorty G character played out wasn’t exactly how he had planned it to be.

However, at the same time, Gable didn’t want to complain about Vince McMahon or the creative giving him an opportunity to do something on television, especially when there are several Superstars who don’t even get sufficient screen time.

“I always ask for opportunity. I’ve been in Vince [McMahon]’s office, I’ve talked to the writers, everybody. I’m asking constantly for opportunity – that’s what I want. When I finished King of the Ring, it was explained to me that this was the direction we’re going. We’re gonna be playing off this short thing going forward, including the Shorty G name.”

After one year of portraying the Shorty G persona, the 34-year-old Superstar is set to reprise his Chad Gable character on Friday Night SmackDown.