Charlotte Flair and Andrade Apply For Interesting Trademarks

Ten-time Women’s Champion in WWE, Charlotte Flair, and her partner Andrade have filed for interesting trademarks, according to PWInsider. The two superstars who are currently on the RAW roster, have been dating for quite some time now.

Flair has filed for ‘The Queen of Wrestling’ and ‘Ashley Flair’ trademarks, which refer to her current Queen gimmick and her real name. Andrade has meanwhile filed for ‘La Sombra’ and ‘El Idolo’, which are his former name on the independent circuit and his current nickname in WWE.

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Both the superstars are currently enjoying their time on the main roster, and are prominently featured on Monday nights. This news comes after Luke Harper recently filed for ‘Brodie Lee’ trademark, which was his name on the indies before joining WWE.

Charlotte Flair and Andrade have filed for those trademarks for merchandising as well as to be used in professional wrestling exhibitions. Usually, WWE files trademarks for their superstars and hence, this move from the power couple is rather surprising.

Unlike Luke Harper, the couple doesn’t seem to have any problems in WWE currently and are in solid positions in their respective divisions. Harper’s current contract reportedly ends around the WrestleMania season next year, and we could see the former IC Champion make waves in the indie circuit as Brodie Lee once again.

However, there are no reports yet on Andrade and Flair’s contracts, which could shade more light on this situation. Ric Flair recently got in a legal tussle with WWE over the copyrights for ‘The Man’, which is currently the nickname for RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

The couple could’ve merely trademarked these names for different purposes while staying in the WWE realm, but there could be more to the story than it meets the eye. We will keep you updated about the situation in the coming weeks.