Charlotte Flair Believes She And Becky Stole The Show During Evolution

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Charlotte Flair believes that her Last Woman Standing match against Becky Lynch during the Evolution pay-per-view was her best performance so far.

“It was a culmination of learning, us being best friends and it being the all-women’s pay-per-view,” Charlotte said during and interview with Sport Bible. “It’s a chance for all the women to show what they have and say, ‘No, I’m the best!’ – it just raises the bar.”

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Flair says that she and Lynch had wanted to steal the show during Evolution and have a match that would stand the test of time and she believes they did just that.

She was however, admittedly nervous going into the match because it was a first not just for women in the WWE but for herself personally.

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“I was actually nervous about the Last Woman Standing match match because not having a count or a pinfall, I’ve never had one of these,” Flair said. “At least with the Falls Count Anywhere you’re still getting a count!”

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Flair told Sport Bible that she believes that she’s improved quite a lot since she first debuted on the main roster and the Evolution match is a testimony to how she has gotten better with connecting with the fans.

“Just in the last six months I feel like things are clicking. I’ve been able to be a bad guy and I’ve been able to be a good guy so I see what each side needs but once you figure out it’s all about having a connection with the audience, it’s not about the moves – you just put the moves where you want,” she shares.