Charlotte Flair Has Declined Offers To Form A Tag Team

Image via WWE

While there are a significant amount of WWE fans upset that “The Queen” Charlotte Flair is supposed to be taking the place of “The Man” Becky Lynch at WrestleMania, there’s no denying that Flair has been taking the “hate”and channeling it to some fine heel work.

Whether it be smugly declaring she doesn’t care about the Universe being upset or that she will be dedicating the WrestleMania match to Lynch, or actually “re-injuring” Lynch’s knee during a house show, Flair seems to be heeling it up quite well.

Flair was recently asked about the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships and her comments can both be taken as more smug heel work or a genuine opinion.

Specifically, Flair Tweeted out that she has had quite a few people asking why she is not going to be in the Elimination Chamber match to determine the first WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

According to Flair, while she has been asked “by quite a few of the girls” to form a tag team, she declined.

“It’s not like me to take an opportunity away from someone who deserves it,” Flair ends the Tweet.

That last sentence can be taken two ways. Either that’s a sincere – albeit smug- acknowledgement of her standing in the company, or a jab at the fact she HAS (for now) taken Lynch’s opportunity at WrestleMania

Flair is not scheduled to compete at this Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, but she has stated that she will be ringside to watch her WrestleMania opponent Ronda Rousey defend the RAW Women’s Championship against Ruby Riott.