Charlotte Flair Misses WWE Live Event, Seth Rollins Talks About The Original Plan For The Shield


Weather Causes WWE Some Issues On The Road

WWE and their superstars traveled to Fort Wayne, Indiana on Sunday Night but the weather played havoc with their pre-booked card and was reportedly the reason why Charlotte Flair was forced to miss the show.

The card was still stacked and included the likes of The New Day, The Bar, Asuka and even a run in from Becky Lynch, but many fans were upset that The Queen was unable to be part of her match with Asuka as previously advertised.

Becky Lynch’s run in with a crutch also took place, but this time The Man attacked both Asuka and Charlotte’s replacement Sonya Deville. The crowd was still in full voice despite the snow and it appears that Charlotte was the only real star missing from the show on the night.

Seth Rollins Admits That CM Punk Created The Shield

CM Punk has always been seen as a creative mind when it comes to the wrestling business and one of the points that back up this theory is that Punk actually came up with the idea for The Shield.

CM Punk originally pitched that Seth Rollins would team with Dean Ambrose and Kassius Ohno so that they could become a rogue team to assist Punk, something that The Shield debuted at Survivor Series in 2012.

Of course, Ohno wasn’t someone that was added to the group since the company was looking at young, hungry stars from NXT in the hopes that they could help the main roster and Roman Reigns became a huge part of this plan.

Rollins recently appeared on Edge and Christian’s E&C’s Podcast of Awesomeness where he was able to discuss the beginning of The Shield.

“What I think happened, it’s a little fuzzy to me because it was behind the scenes, weird stuff going on, Punk was looking to help turn the roster around.”

“He saw the main roster, he saw that there were some hungry guys in NXT that, sort of, came up the same way he did, and he also saw that there was a lot of complacency on the main roster at the time with a lot of the guys. Especially some of the younger guys were just there, just happy to be there. Not trying to get better every week, and not trying to dish storylines, not pushing the envelope for themselves and for the company, and it was starting to hurt the product overall.”

“So he wanted to get us in there, us being myself, and Ambrose, and I think, maybe, Kassius Ohno/Chris Hero, but I’m not sure. But the company loved Roman from the get-go, and for all the right reasons,” via Ringsidenews.

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