Charlotte Flair’s NXT Women’s Title Loss is The Beginning of a Lengthy Storyline

At NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Charlotte Flair lost the NXT Women’s Championship as Io Shirai pinned Rhea Ripley to capture the title in the main event of the sensational pay-per-view.

The Queen’s title loss didn’t fail to garner mixed reactions from the WWE Universe. In fact, fans were more elated at Shirai’s title victory, so much so that Ripley went completely unnoticed.

In a post TakeOver conference call, Triple H addressed Flair’s title loss and discussed the finish for the title showdown. A bunch of fans has expressed concerns about WWE throwing Ripley under the bus for the purpose of protecting Flair in the face of defeat.

According to The Game, Flair not getting pinned has nothing to do with her last name. The finish was booked that way in order to give effect to a bigger picture in the months to come.

“The finish was done the way it was done tonight for a very specific reason. Some people will read into that an say, ‘Jeez Charlotte can’t even get beat by — now to me that whole rhetoric with her name and stuff and being Charlotte Flair and her dad and her name and all that stuff is garbage — she works as hard as anybody I’ve ever seen. She’s a great performer she deserves everything she’s ever gotten and has.”

“This was done for very specific reasons for storytelling purposes and hopefully, if we get to tell the story the way we want to over the next coming months I think three or four months from now hopefully you’ll go ‘I know exactly why they did the finish that they did.’”

In the weeks leading up to TakeOver, Flair had wrestled on all three brands and even competed in the title pictures on RAW and SmackDown. Since she’s got major feuds wherever she goes, it won’t be long before The Queen cements her legacy as a record 12-time Women’s Champion.