Charlotte Flair On WWE Making Paul Heyman & Eric Bischoff Executive Directors, Major Title-Shot Bombshell

The Queen is a 9-time WWE Women's Champion

Image via Youtube

WWE is ditching the PG Era for an edgier product and the recent hiring of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as the new Executive Directors of WWE Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live respectively, is just the first step in that direction.

During a recent interview with MySanAntonio, Charlotte Flair talked about WWE bringing in Heyman and Bischoff to run the product. The Queen believes that the inclusion of the two icons will help the company in delivering fresh storylines.

“I think it is great, and they are both very talented men with creative minds, but we have so many writers and people that work with us on creative. It is exciting, but it is doesn’t change my role,” Flair said.

“However, having two people that have been a part of the industry for so long and seen the changes and been with different companies and back, I think that it adds a lot to them being really good in that role and helps bring new stories.”

Flair also talked about a hot topic that fans always debate on – her continuous championship opportunities in WWE. It is to be noted that The Queen has already cemented herself as a 9-time Women’s Champion in just 4 years on the main roster.

The 33-year old Superstar revealed that all she has to do is just ask the WWE management for a title shot (with flair!) and the rest follows.

“I wrestled her [Bayley] all weekend in Jackson, Miss., and Monroe, La. She still has my title and that is that, Alexa Bliss is the number one contender, but obviously I got title matches all weekend just because I said I wanted a title match, so it doesn’t change anything for me. When I want one, I go to management and say, ‘I want a title match,’ and then I get a title match.”