Charlotte Flair Reveals Timetable For Her Return to WWE Storylines

This week on RAW, Charlotte Flair tapped out to Asuka following which she sustained brutal beating at the hands of Nia Jax. The Queen has been written off of television but she will be back sooner than one expects.

During a recent interview with Sports Hiatus, Flair revealed that she will return after “a few weeks”.

The 11-time Women’s Champion is reportedly scheduled for elective surgery and it appears that the WWE Universe won’t have to wait long for the Queen to return to action.

“Yes, I’ll only be gone for a few weeks. They can still play things on the WWE Network [to keep fans thinking about me], but utilizing my social media will be most important while I’m gone…”

“No one is going to miss me. They’re still going to feel like I’m there is basically what I’m saying. I’m gone but I’m not really gone.”

In recent weeks, Flair lost the NXT Title while scoring two consecutive victories over reigning RAW Women’s Champion Asuka.

It almost seemed as if Flair was about to dethrone The Empress this past Monday but it’s evident WWE has some other plans for the most decorated athlete in the women’s locker room.