Charlotte Flair Thrilled To Be Hall Of Famer’s Favorite Superstar

Charlotte Flair is happy and proud to be Hall of Famer Lita’s favorite Superstar.

During an interview with Planeta Wrestling, Charlotte revealed how much Lita’s opinion meant to her, given how instrumental Lita was to her work when she debuted in the main roster.

Lita was a producer backstage during the time that Charlotte made her main roster debut along with Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. The move aligned with the beginning of the Women’s Revolution in the WWE.

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According to Charlotte, Lita was the producer who worked the most with the new women leading up to WrestleMania 32.

“Wow. So my special bond with Lita, is when I debuted on the main roster and I won the Diva’s Championship, I didn’t feel ready. I knew I had the basics down. I knew that I belonged on the main roster, but I just hadn’t felt like I had grown into my potential,” recalls Charlotte.

“Being with Lita, who was a superstar, who knew how to carry herself in the ring, who knew how to have this larger than life presence, she had to bring that out of me. So the superstar I am today has a lot to do with her faith in me and her not giving up on me,” said Charlotte.

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Soon after her main roster debut, Charlotte won her first Diva’s Championship. Charlotte has the distinction of being the last woman to hold the Diva’s Championship, as it was replaced by the two current Women’s Championships soon after.

Flair won the newly reinstated WWE Women’s Championship in a triple threat match at WWE 32. She is now working towards winning back the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Becky Lynch at Evolution.

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Listen to the whole interview here: