Charlotte Flair Wins SmackDown Women’s Title At Hell In A Cell, Becomes Record 10-Time Women’s Champion

The Queen is the now most-decorated female Superstar in WWE history

Image via WWE

Charlotte Flair made history last night when she defeated Bayley to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship for a record five-times at Hell In A Cell.

Bayley had put the title on the line against Charlotte in singles action. The Queen, being ‘genetically superior’, had a solid gameplan in her arsenal – she continued to work on The Hugger’s left leg to soften her up for the finish.

After putting up a rock-solid performance, Charlotte locked Bayley in her signature Figure 8 lock. The Hugger struggled for a bit before tapping out to The Queen.

Post-match, Bayley was in hysterics as Flair walked proudly to the back, draped in championship gold.

Last night’s victory officially cements Charlotte as a record 10-time Women’s Champion in WWE history. For those unaware, the 33-year-old Superstar also holds the record for the longest single SmackDown Women’s Title reign at 147 days.

WWE has booked this feud with great expertise post-WrestleMania 35. At Money In The Bank, Flair had defeated Becky Lynch to capture the big blue belt but was dethroned by Bayley just 4 minutes and 55 seconds courtesy of The Hugger successfully cashing in her briefcase on The Queen.

While fans had cheered Bayley and booed Flair during their title showdown at Clash Of Champions, the picture was the exact opposite last night in Sacramento.

Going forward, new SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte will be facing frenemy and reigning RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in the Title vs Title clash next month at Survivor Series.

Here’s a quick look at the epic records that Flair currently holds:

  • 10-time Women’s Champion
  • 5-time SmackDown Women’s Champion
  • Longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion
  • Shortest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion

It would be exciting to see whether Charlotte can level the score with her dad, 2-time Hall Of Famer and 16-time World Champion Ric Flair.