Charlotte Flair’s Dream Opponent For Evolution Is Not A Legend

charlotte flair
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After losing the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship during Hell in a Cell, Charlotte Flair is determined to make her contractual rematch a legendary one.

Flair lost the title to her former friend Becky Lynch and there’s talk that the two may clash again for the championship during the first all-women pay-per-view Evolution. Flair for one, is looking forward to facing Lynch, even if it means she doesn’t get a “dream match” against a legend.

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“It’s not that I don’t dream about wrestling Trish or Lita, but with the current storyline with Becky Lynch and I being so heated, it means more,” said Flair, speaking to Alex McCarthy of GiveMeSport.

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“What makes it exciting is the storyline behind it and you see these two best friends competing for the top place, and then, Becky evolving,” elaborated Flair.

While the storyline between Flair and Lynch started out with a heel turn from Lynch, who attacked Flair after Flair won the championship at SummerSlam, Lynch’s popularity has not been affected.

The casual viewer and even dedicated fans are often left wondering if Lynch is indeed a heel or still a face. She’s now getting compared to Stone Cold Steve Austin, a comparison she’s delighted with.

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“That means the world,” Lynch told the Las Cruces Sun News . “You can’t get a better comparison than being compared to Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s one of the greatest. He’s so smart in how he did things, his reactions and how we would sell things. Just his charisma and how we would talk. It was impossible to not want to cheer that guy because he was doing what we all wanted to do. None of us want to take crap from anybody and I think that’s the same thing Becky Lynch is doing right now too. That’s the highest honor you could possibly be given.”