Charly Caruso Reveals That WWE “Randomly Stopped” Her Romance Story

A few months ago, following Angel Garza’s promotion to the main roster, Charly Caruso became part of a storyline with the former NXT star.

Caruso was part of a number of backstage segments where she was made the love interest of the star, much to the annoyance of his business manager Zelina Vega.

This even led to Caruso challenging Vega to a match on Social Media which seemed to be light-hearted. Interestingly, the storyline was seemingly just forgotten since Garza moved on to a new romantic angle with The Bachelor star Demi Burnett.

Charly Caruso was recently asked about the storyline on Twitter where she revealed that it was just randomly dropped by WWE.

Angel Garza was drafted to Monday Night Raw last week, but it’s unknown what the future holds for the former star following his split from Andrade. Zelina Vega was drafted to SmackDown which officially ended their alliance.