Charly Caruso Wants to Wrestle Zelina Vega

Charly Caruso and Zelina Vega have been part of a slow burn feud on WWE TV over the past few weeks, with Angel Garza showing interest in the backstage interviewer whenever she asks him a question.

Vega is both Garza and Andrade’s business associate which means that she has no control over their personal lives, but she does seem to have some sway with both men. Since Garza has taken a liking to Caruso, Vega has begun referring to her as “Two Buck Chuck” which is somewhat insulting.

Last night’s episode of Raw saw Charly interviewing Garza once again, and while the former Cruiserweight Champion turned on the charm, it was Viking Raiders star Ivar that actually took away her attention.

The backstage segment led to WWE on Fox Tweeting that they would love to see Vega and Caruso collide in a Shark Cage match, seemingly with Angel Garza in the cage above the ring.

It was perhaps meant as a throwaway Tweet but interestingly Caruso decided to respond to the Tweet in a positive manner stating that she would be ready if they told her when and where.

Zelina Vega has wrestling experience, even though she has been working mostly as a manager on WWE TV, while Charly Caruso has never set foot in a WWE ring. So if this feud is heading towards a physical altercation, it may not be in Caruso’s best interests to step into the ring with Vega.