Chelsea Green Shares First DM’s She Received From Fiance Matt Cardona

Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona may not work for the same wrestling company anymore, but the two stars have still continued to show how loved up they are online.

The two stars, who are close friends with AEW’s Cody and Brandi Rhodes reportedly have the duo to thank for pushing Matt (formerly known as Zack Ryder) to ask Green out.

The current NXT star recently shared the first-ever DM that her future husband sent to her a few years ago, which was because he wanted Green to have his phone number.

Interestingly, Cardona sent the wrong number and had to then re-send the message with the right number.

Despite this exchange obviously happening in the middle of the night, Green responded right away and made it clear that she would text him at a more appropriate time, which she obviously did since the couple is still together at present.