Chelsea Green Undergoes Surgery for Injury Suffered on SmackDown

Chelsea Green’s debut on this episode of SmackDown was abruptly cut short when she suffered an injury on air.

Green had been part of the Fatal-4-Way Survivor Series qualifying match with Natalya, Tamina, and Liv Morgan. She had gotten kicked off the apron by Morgan and ended up suffering a broken left wrist.

Green had been brought to the hospital and both she and WWE had confirmed the injury. It’s a similar injury that Green had suffered last year on a March episode of NXT that kept her out of the ring for three months.

It looks like this current injury didn’t just spoil her debut match, but could delay her integration into the main SmackDown roster.

Green took to social media to state that she needed surgery for the injury. According to her Tweet, she was just about to have the surgery and she was devastated but excited to be part of SmackDown when she gets back.

Green is engaged to Matt Cardona, who wrestled as Zack Ryder in WWE. Cardona also took to social media to confirm Green was headed to surgery and to “hype” up his fiancée’s career.

“Chelsea is a fighter and she will come back again and be the STAR she is destined to be”