Chris Hero is Not Done Wrestling, Waiting for the Right Time

Former NXT wrestler and coach Chris Hero is not done with wrestling. Hero has had two stints in WWE, both as part of their development territory NXT, under the ring name Kassius Ohno

Hero was one of those released by WWE back in April as part of cost-cutting efforts due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He has not made any reported appearances in any promotion – not even backstage and has been mostly quiet since then.

He does, however, have his own Wrestling Genius subreddit. It was on this subreddit, in a post dated November 28, where he gave an update on his status as a professional wrestler.

According to Hero, he has received offers of work, but he hasn’t accepted them because it’s not the right time. It also looks like he is holding out for a company that will offer him a role as a wrestler and not a backstage role.

“I am far from done wrestling,” write Hero. “If I wanted to hang it up and coach/produce I could have a job tomorrow. I’ve turned down a number of companies in the last 6 months – not because they’ve been terrible offers or anything but because I’m just not ready.”

“Trust me, it kills me to not be out there doing what I love. The time will come and when it does it will be spectacular,” he added.